Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fake it till you make it

CW: 107
CD: apparently pizza and cake
CP: skinny ones

AHHHHHHHHH I am so lame.  Im not going to go into the binge I am just going to focus on right now. I have had an orang for lunch then I will have a lean cuisine for dinner.  I will start again I will do well I will do what I am suppose to do.  I purchased some dinnerware for my new apt and its so pretty.  While browsing though I was like why am I buying this nice stuff to eat off of when I shouldnt be eating but I figure maybe when I cook for others they will think I eat all the time because I have pretty plates haha.  I dunno I needed some retail therapy.  Fuck it.


I cant wait to have this be me in panties

Monday, March 19, 2012


CP: Oxyelite
CD: on the rag

I feel like its impossible to stick to a diet while on your period.  Its fucking stupid.  I was doing so well last night then I broke and had a regular coke, burrito, granola bars, and a huge ass cinnamon roll.  Lame.  And now its barely after noon and I am starving.  I am so tempted to eat its practically unbearable.  What are the things you do to avoid eating??  Im thinking I will probably shower and just start cleaning everything.  Being hungry also seems to make me feel more lonely as well.  I guess cuz I usually like to distract myself with whatever boy I am semi dating at the time.  But obviously when you're jiggly and crazy like I am, no boy really wants you.  Suffice its to say I need to not eat in order to make myself happy but when Im sad and lonely all I want to do is eat.

Daily Thinspo

Id love to be this


Thursday, March 15, 2012


CW: 107
CP: Oxy
CD: just trying to not eat

I want to say a special thanks to depressed skinny mess for all of your support.  If others of you are not following her you should do so now.  I have had half an apple thus far today.  But im really hungry and craving chicken fingers ahhhhh!  Ive decided to quit my night/weekend job and get a different one.  The vibe there is just too negative and now I dread weekends and look forward to Mondays.  Thats just pathetic.  Short and sweet because I dont feel like talking instead I will just give you pretty pictures to look at.