Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Distract Me

CW: 105.6
CP:  oxyelite pro
CD:  ABC diet

I got off work super early today which is scary because I like to be busy so I dont think of food.  I should go to the gym but I am afraid if I leave my house Ill end up going to some fast food joint and binge.  So instead I am going to sit and read all of your blogs and stare at thinspo and watch tv that reminds me not to eat.  I tend to watch fasion/model shows or real housewives because they are always so thin and twice my age.  If they can do I best be able to!  I get 400 cal today which is a lot in comparison to what you usually get on this diet.  Just hope it doesnt lead to a binge!  Intake:

Nature valley honey oat granola bar=  95cal
Lean Cuisine Sesame stir fry with chicken=  290cal
2 Diet 7-up= 0cal

Looks like I will have to get a smaller wardrobe than I was hoping for since I went and got the dimensions of my new apartment but its probably a good thing and more realistic in the long run anyway. Hopefully as my clothes get smaller Ill need less space to store them hehe. Getting kinda nervous for the move especially since I am not sure how I am going to move all this heavy stuff by myself...  Ironically enough the boy I have a huge crush on moves furniture for a living haha typical but I know I couldnt ask him anyway.  Hopefully some friends will help me but I doubt it.  Hopefully while on my own love will come a little easier.  Guess we will see.


so jealous of skinny girls with boobs...so unfair

Hope this is me this summer for the first time in my life

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  1. Sounds like your diet is going well! Looking at your intake :) Definatly get your friends to help you out with the lifting! You can't do that alone :( xx