Monday, March 19, 2012


CP: Oxyelite
CD: on the rag

I feel like its impossible to stick to a diet while on your period.  Its fucking stupid.  I was doing so well last night then I broke and had a regular coke, burrito, granola bars, and a huge ass cinnamon roll.  Lame.  And now its barely after noon and I am starving.  I am so tempted to eat its practically unbearable.  What are the things you do to avoid eating??  Im thinking I will probably shower and just start cleaning everything.  Being hungry also seems to make me feel more lonely as well.  I guess cuz I usually like to distract myself with whatever boy I am semi dating at the time.  But obviously when you're jiggly and crazy like I am, no boy really wants you.  Suffice its to say I need to not eat in order to make myself happy but when Im sad and lonely all I want to do is eat.

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  1. Everyone does this when they are on a period, your not alone :) So don't be hard on yourself, just concentrate on getting back on track when you good to go again :D xx

  2. i have my period too! just got it today... but hun if you weigh 105 i doubt ur jiggly. i love you and your blog. i can relate to you

  3. love those shoes in the last pic!!! I'm always extra hungry when its my time of the month.

  4. Periods screw up everything! >< Hope you feel better hon xx