Thursday, February 23, 2012


CW: Sickly Gross Fat
CP:  Antibiotics
CD:  Fat girl

I got really sick all of a sudden.  Have missed a bunch of days of work.  Havent been able to check on the second job I applied for because I literally havent left my bed except to go get meds.  At the pharmacy while standing there my vision went black, I got really hot, and practically fainted.  It was really scary as I have never fainted before.  My body seems to be craving sugar because that is the only thing that I have a tasting for and since I feel so shitty I cannot help but give it.  I probably could have a lost a bunch of weight with this sickness but I love adding insult to injury.  I can barely type right now but just wanted to fill you in.  And hoping this post will help me put down the milk and cookies.

Daily thinspo

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


CW:  Fat ass
CP: nada
CD: binge galore

Been binging all weekend because I got my period and decided that would be a good idea.  Fuck me.  Well starting where I left off today.  I will get 200 cal today and not look back.  Called in sick from work today.  Just feel yucky over all but have tons to do if I really want to work on getting out of my house.  But I am so exhausted now I can't decide.  Not true.  I want to I am just to unmotivated to do what I need to do right now.  Short post.  Too depressed.

Daily Thinspo

Saturday, February 18, 2012


CW: 103.6
CP:  Hoodia
CD:  ABC Diet

I did it!  I did only 100 cal on a Friday woo hoo!  I freaked out at work though because there was left over food from this press conference.  Luckily it was just fruit and veggies mainly and I stayed away from the meat and cheese tray.  Intake

2 slices of cucumber:  8cal
1 piece of broccoli:  3cal
2 small pieces of celery:  5cal
1 cup of Numi golden chai:  0cal
1 Nature valley granola thins:  80cal
1 diet 7-up:  0cal

Today I get 200cal.  Hopefully it goes well.  I am just going to try and stay busy as possible and avoid food.  I have to go see a friend who just got a boob job but I honestly dont really want to see any of my friends.  I am tempted to delete boy from my fb since I find myself cyber stalking but I know thats just childish I should be able to control my urges with him like I do my food.  I have a headache this morning. Probably the lack of caffeine.  I turned in an application yesterday for this job.  I kinda fudged when they asked me if I had experience and now I feel really bad about it.  But I really need this job and I feel like I can handle it.  I dunno do you think I am a bad person????  Probably.  Whatever add it to the list of why I am a bad person.  I am going to look at apartments today.  Maybe I will find something I love.  Hopefully.  I just wish I had someone for a second opinion but I knew there would be a day where I would start spending the rest of my life alone and thats just the way it is.

Daily Thinspo

Friday, February 17, 2012

Not Sure

CW: 104.2 WTF??
CP:  Hoodia
CD:  ABC Diet

Yesterday I stayed with in my 400 calories but I woke up this morning and the scale hasnt budged still.  I mean what the fuck??  Not even an ounce??  Am I doing something wrong here?? Blah, well yesterday's intake was:

Lean Pocket pepperoni pizza-  280cal
4 Pickle spears-  20cal
Mini crisps- 100cal

Today I get a whopping 100 cal and its going to be hard to stay in it since the scale hasnt dropped at all this week.  But I am going to put my bullshit aside.  I know I need to start working out but for some reason I have decided to pick up a second job.  Not sure why I thought this would be a good idea aside from the fact that its money, it keeps me away from boozing, and I could move out quicker with out my mom's help.  I'll be working roughly 60 hours a week between my full time and then part time hosting job.  What are your thoughts?  Think its worth it to pick up a second job or will I regret it?  An old friend is getting me the job so I dont want to change my mind an make her look bad.  I just thought it would help get my mind off how depressed I am but then I was thinking I will be so exhausted and have no time to do anything that I will become more depressed.  See I am even over thinking this. AHHHHH! HELP!

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