Thursday, March 1, 2012

Get back up

CP:  nada
CD:  Back on track ABC

I refuse to allow myself to give up so easy.  Its been weeks since I posted and since I have been following how to create the lifestyle I want.  But today was positive and all I can do is focus on now.  Intake:

1 chai teabag= 0cal
1 diet 7-up=  0cal
Lean cuisine thai spring rolls=  200cal

Right on target for when I left off.  I got a second job and will be working a double tomorrow so not eating should be rather easy.  I had to get measured for the bridesmaid dress, she wouldnt give me the inches but she said my sizes are 0-2-0.  What a surprise fat ass waist.  Going to be working on that for sure.  I am working on getting my own place and I think I found one.  I am very excited about it.  I hope it works out.  This time is for real ladies so lets get to losing.  Hi to my new followers...I hope to follow your journey's as well and be supportive for each other.  Let me know what you like about weight loss blogs and I will try to include it!  I like interacting with everyone helps me stay focused.

Daily thinspo


  1. Your thinspo pictures are so fucking amazing! Really, I've saved all of them on my computer by now, haha :)

    Sounds like you are on the right track. You have the motivation, I feel that for sure.
    And don't you ever dare calling yourself fat with those measurements! 'Cause that's just depressing for the rest of us... You should talk about how great it is to be thin, so we could get super high on motivation and want to be like you!

    Lol. Stay strong love <3

  2. Loving the thinspo ^^
    Your definatly NOT fat with those measurments!! Your small :) And delicate! xx

  3. i love your thinspo. and dude, if you're fat with those measurements, i'm afraid of what i'd be labeled as. x:

    good luck finding your own place and sticking to your plan! :)