Monday, March 5, 2012

On again Off again On again

CW:  106.2
CP:  Oxyelite
CD:  ABC round five million

I figured since I am not sleeping anyway I would start back on my oxyelite pro pills to help me get back on track.  I seem to be struggling lately just getting started and staying in line for more than three days its ridiculous.  I set 300 cal as my limit today and so far I am with in boundaries but I was feeling the hunger pretty bad.  Its because on Saturday I stumbled into a bread/bakery shop and I caved with a quickness.  I will spare you the nasty details of the two day binge but lets just say two sweet loaves just got me started:(  But leaving the past in the past.  Intake for the day:

Lean cuisine grilled chicken caesar: 240cal
Diet 7 up:  0cal
1 sugar free chocolate pudding (maybe):  60 cal

Now that I have put a deposit on a place, started my new job, and feeling less depressed I am hoping to stay on track.  I will have to redo my goal/reward section which I would normally never do but I am trying not to stunt my growth as a person.  Plus I figure when on my own I will probably lose a lot because I will be too broke to eat anyway.

Although I am feeling less depressed I am feeling lonely on the love front.  But it's almost a numb feeling at the same time.  This last stream of rejection in my life has really forced me into hiding from my emotions.  Either that or I am dealing with them exceptionally well that I do not even realize.  Doubtful.

Daily Thinspo


  1. hey! thanks for following me! i love your blog and i cant believe how much weight you have lost since your starting weight! how did you do it? if you wanna email me, id love to be diet buddies.

  2. Take care of yourself babes <3 xx

  3. You will find love soon <3 You just have to wait for it to come to you :) xx